My favourite IG accounts from Madeira Island

My IG profile @sayyestomadeira has recently turned 2. In the last two years, I have discovered some interesting Madeira Island accounts and today, I would like to share these with you.

In today’s post, you won’t find profiles of tourists, wedding photographers or local companies, but rather something completely different. Here are the usual-unusual profiles of interesting Madeira residents that always put a smile on my face… If you are planning a holiday in Madeira, I encourage you to follow them and get inspired by their stories.

1. @carforamary

A real super-woman! Her day is probably a week-long because what doesn’t she do… A beautiful mother of three, a model, a performer, an excellent make-up artist. You will definitely see her during the Flower Parade, during the Carnival Parade, in various fashion shows or scenic photo shoots … Take a glimpse at her life and her wonderful make-ups:

2. @fashsquad

Another talented and creative mom of three lucky kiddos, a fashion designer, specializing in mother-daughter dresses. Follow her for positive parenthood moments and great mom-daughter dresses in the beautiful scenery of Madeira Island:

Yes, that’s right, you already saw her work in my previous post about her Mom-Daughter dresses. The post is almost two years old, but her dresses are still delightful.

3. @luisfernandestrailrunner

Because I don’t follow only ladies 😉

Luis is not only a nice person but also a great athlete. If you are interested in Skyrunning and Trail Running – follow his super energetic account on Instagram, and then of course… follow his steps on the beautiful Madeira trails!

4. @skolskypt

Bruno’s awesome underwater pictures inspired me to buy a GoPro dome:

5. @eagleviewpt

One of the most underrated Madeira landscape accounts. Follow them for some lovely drone shots- not only of Madeira’s nature but also Funchal’s urban details. His photos show Madeira from a perspective I have not seen before:

For the Polish-speaking Instagrammers and not only- we also have great representation on Madeira Island. One of them is Marta, a Polish dentist living and working on Madeira, describing her life on the island with a lot of passion:

6. @ma_ma.dentystka

A bit about her job as a dentist, a bit about motherhood, love, family and a lot about their life in Madeira. Always beautiful pictures, captivating descriptions and as warm and sweet as Madeira Queijada Instastories.

This is how I actually saw her for the first time in my life – while she was finishing an Instastory recording under a palm tree at the Old Town in Funchal. I recognized her skirt first, and then the voice. The story of our accidental meeting is still quite amazing, and I mentioned it here:

And on Porto Santo… 7. @mimilka90

Another Polish homie, who found her second home on this tiny island on the Atlantic. I already mentioned Iza in the post Snorkelling on Porto Santo, because that how we actually met for the first time. Her profile is an idyllic diary of her island life and a lot of pictures of cute animals: from the smallest underwater creatures to her sweet kittens, pooches and horses 🙂 A real Dream Team!

For more underwater pictures go to @portosantosnorkelingtour:

And if you fell in love with this fluffy snorkeller – Sherlock also has an account:

So this was my #Madeira Magic Seven! And which interesting Madeira accounts do you recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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