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Looking for a discount card for your upcoming Madeira trip? There is one card we have used, loved, and always recommend to others: 



Discount Card: Madeira Now

This is the card I got before my latest 5-weeks long Madeira adventure. I am sure that it helped me save probably around EUR 100 on food alone. BUT – I wasn’t a typical tourist – I have not rented any vehicles and I have not purchased even one organized tour. If I did, and If I did not travel solo, I would have saved much, much more… 

I have frequently eaten out, sometimes even twice a day and I frequently invited others. Whenever I could, I was choosing places accepting the Madeira Now card. This is an example of savings you can get on just one lunch for two: 

Madeira tourist Discount Card 2018
Madeira Island discount card - discounts to restaurants Madeira Island

Taking into consideration the fact that the Madeira Now card costs only 9-12 euro including postage (Portugal– €9; UK/Europe – €10; other countries– €12) the card can pay itself off even in one day. The card is valid for one year.

Sometimes special deals are available and just like me, you can get it even cheaper. Follow Madeira Now on FB to stay up to date with special deals. 

As I said, there are many discounts which I did not use, since I have already done and visited most of the attractions, but will be extremely useful especially to first-time visitors. Anything from paragliding flights, different dolphin and whale watching tours, diving, jeep tours, extreme sports, hikes, old-timer & sidecar tours, handicraft stores, car, bike to scooter rentals. 

There are over 300 discounts for different activities, tours and restaurants. The discounts range from 10% to 25% and the card is valid for the entire year. More than that – one card can give you discounts for 2 adults and up to 2 children!
During my 5-week stay, I have not been rejected even once. At some restaurants, some waiters weren’t entirely sure and had to double-check with their managers, but ultimately, I always received a discounted bill. Big thumbs up for the rooftop restaurant at the Madeira Story Centre- I ate there over 4 times, and my card was always accepted without any slightest problems. 
Together with the card, you will receive a useful guide with information about events, attractions, routes, maps and a list of participating companies. 
Here is a handy map of all participating restaurants:

And here you will find tours and attractions:

For more info please visit: Official website Madeira now 

Discount Card: Funchal Card [suspended]

Some of you probably came across a tourist discount card called Funchal CardFunchal Card is, unfortunately, no longer an option and as I heard from its publishers, it is not certain if it will ever be available again.

Discount Card: Cultural Passport – exploring Madeira [suspended]

Same as above.

Discount App: The Fork

Not a physical card, but a nice app which is still worth mentioning. The Fork can help you save a lot of restaurants, and some of them are really, really good ones. For more info, please check our post: 


Madeira Now works, and works well. I got it, I tried it, I recommend it.

What is your experience with discount cards on Madeira Island? Help others – leave a comment below.

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