Hidden gem: Poço dos Chefes

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Poço dos Chefes is the icing on the cake during summer trips to the Valley of the Nuns in Madeira. Do not forget to pack your bathing suit and reserve at least an hour to relax in this beautiful and quite unusual place…

Poço dos Chefes – Video

As always, let’s start with a short video impression:

Poço dos Chefes – September 2020

Poço dos Chefes – What is it?

If you ask tourists about swimming in Madeira, most of them will probably tell you about artificial, dark or pebble beaches & salty ocean water. However, this is not the only way you can swim on Madeira…

Poço dos Chefes is an unusual bathing area, a spring / natural reservoir where you can swim and dive. Some time ago, locals built a dam, thanks to which the reservoir is now so deep that it is possible to dive. Add to this stunning scenery, amazing views, silence and peace. It is a great place for a quiet and relaxing afternoon in nature. However, take something to eat and drink with you, as the nearest shops and restaurants are in the centre of the village.

Poço dos Chefes definitely deserves to be one of the 20 best hidden gems of Madeira, mentioned in our list:

Poço dos Chefes – Where is it located?

Poço dos Chefes is located in the Valley of the Nuns – Curral das Freiras. You can easily reach it by car (free parking on the public road) or take a short walk from the village.

If you don’t have a car, no problem – you can easily get to the Nun’s Valley and Poço dos Chefes by bus 81 Horarios de Funchal (Interurban service). The bus will take you from Funchal as far as Eira do Serrado and various places in the Nun’s Valley. More information about line # 81 is available [HERE] on page 39.

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Poço dos Chefes – Vibe

Poço dos Chefes is a place with a lovely, relaxed vibe. It is a meeting point for local youth, where you probably won’t yet see too many tourists. It even has its own FB page.

Although the bathing area is small, everyone enjoyed themselves with respect to others.

Poço dos Chefes – Stays in the area

Would you like to get away from touristic Madeira and stay in the secluded Nun’s Valley for at least one night? The most popular hotel with priceless views is the Hotel Eira do Serrado:

Poço dos Chefes – When to visit?

During our winter visit, we haven’t met a soul at the reservoir, and the water temperature was definitely not inviting:

Day trips from Funchal: Eira do Serrado – Nun’s Valley – Poco dos Chefes. Hidden gems of Madeira Island. #madeira #portugal Day trips from Funchal: Eira do Serrado – Nun’s Valley – Poco dos Chefes. Hidden gems of Madeira Island. #madeira #portugal

Swimming in the reservoir is only possible in the warmest months, but the lovely sceneries, views and authenticity of this area is something you can enjoy all year round.

Have you already been to Poço dos Chefes? Share your tips.

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