Is it difficult to organise a destination wedding?

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How easy is it to plan a destination wedding in Portugal on a distance – without visiting the wedding location prior to the wedding? 

People who are keen to control every little detail probably won’t achieve the results they hope for without visiting Portugal during the preparation stage. Personally, I do not recommend destination weddings in Portugal (or destination weddings in general, no matter where they would be) to people who are not flexible. 

However, if you can delegate tasks and trust local professionals in their work, adjust to the local conditions and availability of products…  If you are a couple valuing real emotions, unforgettable experiences and wonderful moments spent with your loved ones, over the correct colour of napkins and the type of flower in your bouquet, you are on the right track…

In Madeira, you can easily find wedding service providers, who by phone and e-mail, are able to help you organise every aspect related to the wedding ceremony and party, from formalities, through photographers to catering and DJs.



If you speak Portuguese or English, you can easily book a place, a photographer, a hairdresser and other suppliers by yourself. The second, much more convenient option is to delegate everything to the experienced wedding planner, who lives in Madeira and can organise everything according to your wishes and budget possibilities.

Contact with the local English-speaking wedding planner is possible through this site:


What else is worth considering when planning a destination wedding?

Where do our guests come from?

I think it is worth checking whether there is a connection to Madeira from the place of residence of your guests, at least those who should not be missing during the event. If the flights are not available in the popular search engines, it is worth checking other options: chartered flights or cruise trips offered by tour agents.

Season and weather

Madeira has a subtropical climate with moderate, rather stable and pleasant temperatures throughout the year. Summers are not very hot and winters mild. Average daily temperatures in the winter months do not fall below 19 ° C and in the summer are around 24 ° C.
The hottest months in Madeira are August and September and the lowest risk of rain is in July and August. Between October and March, the chance of cloudiness is the highest. 

Wedding Dress

If you decide to marry abroad, you must remember that transporting a large princess wedding dress may be a slight logistic problem. It’s worth keeping that in mind when saying yes to your dress.

Would you like to start planning your wedding in Madeira or Porto Santo? Do you have any wedding-related questions? Feel free to contact us!


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