Wedding venues in Madeira: A 17th-century fortress

If you are planning to get married in Madeira, but hotel gardens and modern interiors are not your thing… If you are looking for a unique and historic location, this Funchal venue might be for you…

São Tiago Fortress

Restaurante do Forte is a well-known place in Funchal. Located inside the yellow São Tiago Fortress, catches an eye of all visitors.

This fortress has a historical significance for Madeira: Its purpose was to defend Funchal from attacks by pirates and privateers. The first phase of the construction was completed in the mid-17th century and the second phase in the mid-18th century.

Since then, this building has been used for various purposes: quartering of the British troops, the military police and the Funchal Lancers Squad. It sheltered victims of the massive floods of 1803 and until recently was used for cultural purposes. The Contemporary Art Museum was located there until it recently moved to another stunning location in Calheta. Nowadays, the Fort is known as an event venue and is known for the restaurant located at the entrance of the fortress:

Restaurante do Forte

Restaurante do Forte is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Funchal, serving Mediterranean, European, Contemporary and Portuguese food. The restaurant introduces itself online as “a rare encounter between history, architecture and gastronomy”.


Restaurante do Forte offers special evening packages, suitable for special dinners, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Check out their Golden Package and the Romantic Package:

Weddings and other events at the Restaurante do Forte / São Tiago Fortress

If your plan is to get married inside the Civil Registry and you are just looking for a place for dinner, Restaurante do Forte would be one of the recommended options.

If you would like to not only hold a wedding reception but also wedding cocktails, wedding party and the ceremony itself, The São Tiago Fortress offers a couple of unique spaces.

PICTURES: The Memory Shop

There are a couple of open air spaces with a great view on the top levels of the fortress. 

For indoor events, there is also a big, white wedding party tent on the central square of the fortress.


PICTURES: The Memory Shop

Would you like to organize your wedding, vow renewal or another event at this or any other venues in Madeira or Porto Santo?

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