Weather in Madeira in August

As always, here is yet another Madeira Island weather photo report, this time in high season. Here is how the month of August looked like in 2020.

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The third week of August on Madeira

As we expected, Madeira greeted us warmly. Short sleeve clothes are all we wear every day, even in the late evening hours. During the day, the temperature in Funchal and its vicinity is even higher than indicated by different forecasts, over 25 degrees C. The evenings were a bit more pleasant – as you can see in the pictures, usually around 23 degrees C.

The north of Madeira wasn’t much worse when we visited. This is how the coast around Sao Jorge looked like when we arrived there on a lovely August afternoon (Levada Caldeirao Verde and Queimadas).

Santana also looks very lovely in the sun, with perceived temperatures much higher than the presented 23 degrees C.

Two days later we also visited that area, and the weather was simply amazing. The beautiful Seixal beach was the right place to be that day.


For the next couple of nights, we stayed in a beautiful town with an even more beautiful name – Ponta do Sol (“The Cape of the Sun”) famous for the sunniest weather conditions on the island. Indeed, the beaches and pools were full here, and the temperatures were high, even though the sky was sometimes a bit cloudy.

One of the days started quite sad and grey, but the sky cleared completely by noon. Here’s how the weather can improve in less than 2 hours!

It was also hot in the nearby town Ribeira Brava. The thermometers showed 26 degrees already before 10am, and since it was Sunday, the public pool was full of people from the early morning hours.

To take a refreshing break from the heat, on the first day we went to drink a Poncha in the Serra de Água valley, and on the second day, we decided to book a wine tasting tour in the vineyards around São Vicente, in the northern parts on Madeira. In São Vicente, the tops of the mountains were covered with thick clouds, completely obscuring the sun. It allowed us to rest from the heat, but it was still warm and jackets were unnecessary.

I have finished the first week of my stay in Madeira and so far my streak of rainless days is still continuing. Tourists can enjoy their hot and sunny days swimming and sunbathing, finishing it off with some drinks during very pleasant evenings.

August 2020 has therefore been quite hot in Madeira. The daily temperatures in Funchal vary between 24-28 degrees, and in the evenings and mornings, they do not fall below 20 degrees. So don’t pack too many warm pieces of clothing as the weather forecasts for the last week of August are similar. No rainfall is expected in Funchal and daytime temperatures are expected to remain as high as 25-28 degrees.

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This post will be updated soon with some fresh new pictures!

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