Scenic Wedding Photo Shoot Locations on Madeira Island: Golden Hour Lava Pools

Today’s post starts a new series on our blog, where we will be featuring interesting, beautiful & unique photoshoot locations on Madeira Island & Porto Santo – perfect for engagement, wedding, and honeymoon photo shoots.

Here’s a beautiful sunset shoot among dark rocks by photographer The Memory Shop. We hope it will be a great inspiration for all couples looking for THE scenic golden hour spots for their shoot.

Lava pools photo shoot – Gallery

Lava Pools photo shoot – Location

These pictures were taken in Seixal & Porto Moniz, two towns known for their natural, volcanic lava pools, located in the north of Madeira Island, approx. 45 minutes and 1 hour away from Funchal, Madeira’s main city. The photographer will take you directly there if needed.

Lava Pools photo shoot – Alternatives

Are you staying in Funchal and you have no time or possibility to drive up north, but you would love a lava pool photo shoot? You will also find some rock formations in Funchal, especially on the city’s main beach – Praia Formosa.

Lava Pools photo shoot – Beautiful spots nearby

Seixal and Porto Moniz golden hour lava pools photo shoot can be combined with taking pictures in front of the famous rocks of Ribeira da Janela and a shoot on the beautiful dark-sand Seixal Beach.

Lava Pools photo shoot – Contact

Explore the entire wedding gallery HERE.

CONTACT THE PHOTOGRAPHER if you would like to book a single session in the same locations, or CONTACT US if you would like this photo shoot to be a part of your wedding, engagement, or vow renewal party and our wedding planner will assist you shortly.

A friendly reminder: All pictures used in this post are © The Memory Shop and just like all pictures on our site, shall not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or edited without the author’s permission.

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