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What is Say Yes To Madeira?

Say Yes to Madeira is a blog promoting travel, honeymoons, weddings and other events on two Portuguese Islands: Madeira and Porto Santo. The main goal of this blog is putting Madeira Archipelago on the travel and destination weddings map of Europe, or even the world.

Destination weddings and discovering Madeira’s most beautiful places usually go together. By joining these two subjects I would love to inspire both travellers, honeymooners and couples looking for a perfect destination for their elopement, wedding or a vow renewal.

I am Edyta, Polish, and I myself got married in Madeira in 2017. My unforgettable wedding adventure motivated me to start this blog and help others with the first step towards their dream wedding on Madeira. 

Say Yes to Madeira…

Is the travel/touristic part of my blog, where I am sharing my pictures, videos, travel tips & reviews, while…  


Say Yes IN Madeira!

.. is the wedding part of my blog. In this part I present real weddings, promote and help foreign guests get in touch with local wedding suppliers.

Since I do not live on Madeira Island, I am not a wedding planner myself. If you send your wedding inquiry, it will be handled by an experienced Madeira Islands wedding planner, who helped over 800 couples from all over the world and of different nationalities to exchange their vows in a beautiful scenery of Madeira and Porto Santo.


Can we see your fixed packages?

A local wedding planner (aka wedding consultant) is not the same as a foreign wedding agency, which you might come across in your home country. Opposite to some foreign agencies, the local wedding planner does not have limiting packages to chose from. 

Because your inquiry will be handled by an experienced local wedding planner with a good supplier network, she will be able to find THE venue and suppliers matching your budget and your wishes. Of course, she has her favourite venues, which she values and recommends for their great service and amazing views, but she is not limited to those.

So: Describe what you are looking for first, and she will do her best to find your dream venue.

What can a wedding planner mean for you?

The help of a local wedding planner is invaluable during planning a destination wedding.

She can arrange on your behalf:

  • All formalities in the local civil registry
  • Document translations – no need to translate the documents before sending them
  • Arranging an interpreter for the wedding ceremony (If the required language is English, she herself can fulfil this function without the need to hire an interpreter)
  • Bookings
  • Finding the right suppliers: photographer/hairdresser/florist/baker and others
  • Purchasing wedding favours
  • Booking trips for you and your guests
  • Airport pick-ups 
  • & more

How does it work?

The easiest way to start is to send your inquiry using the WEDDING INQUIRY FORM below. This will give the planner a better image of your needs and expectations.

If you have other questions, feel free to send us an [E-MAIL]


Based on your answer, the wedding planner will respond to you regarding her availability on the chosen dates, the expected costs and wedding venue ideas.

If you decide to use her services, congratulations. You are now ready to start your great wedding planning adventure! The wedding planner will be your point of contact on the island and help you arrange the formalities, as well as book all wedding suppliers, accommodation and other.

Upon arrival, she will assist you in a meeting in the civil registry (if such meeting is required). The wedding planner will also assist with the wedding ceremony. She can also hold the function of an English interpreter.

After the wedding, she will pick up and send you the wedding certificates, she will also remain your point of contact in case you need assistance with the local civil registry (such as sending additional copies of wedding certificates if lost).

What is the cost?

The wedding planner charges a fee, which depends on the amount of necessary translations to be arranged and type/size/duration of your ceremony.

You will also be required to pay an administrative fee in the local registry.

Most of the remaining costs are variable and can be matched with your budget. Madeira Island offers venues for all budgets, starting from economical options around 30-40 euro per person to top luxury wedding hotels.



Are you ready to send your inquiry / request for offer? 

Please use the form below:

The above information is needed to issue an offer and get in touch regarding your wedding. It will NOT be used for marketing purposes.

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